• Emerson AMS Extensions

Apex Process Intelligence personnel have extensive experience with the Emerson Plant Web Suite.  Most notably though, Apex has developed extensions for the Emerson AMS software that allow for greater management of the data within the AMS database.  This multiplies the value of the AMS software exponentially by giving users the ability to query and list the AMS data in tables, MS Excel and MS Access.  The package also includes documentation capability for the user to be able to produce customized reports of both individual field devices as well as groups of devices.


The extensions developed by API for the Emerson AMS database are a classic case of a client needing information available that was not possible given the out-of-the-box capability of the software, as it was developed.  Through a great deal of perseverance and creativity, data was extracted from the system and the database via several different mechanisms.


Nearly a full reverse engineering was performed on the database by the time the project was completed.  While this was an interesting exercise, development on the AMS database in this direction is not supported by Emerson.  That said, Emerson has been a great supporter of opening up the necessary ports to the database, so that extraction is possible and the raw data need not be molested.


Finally, it is notable that additional development is underway, as the AMS OPC Server opens up the ability to work with live device data.  The opportunities to gather, visualize, and analyze data are vast.  While some of the more advanced devices have already begun to use similar techniques by learning patterns and then flagging deviations, the API looks forward to building extensions that are capable of performing similar learning on massive scales.