• Field Server

  1. Convert any protocol to any other protocol with FieldServer Expertise.  This is the job of FieldServer technology.  No matter what the data source is, from the most obscure, niche, data source, with the smallest and most remote protocol that anyone has ever heard of, by using FieldServer Technology, we can convert the protocol into one that is easily managed and consumed for use in you value-add application. 
  2. The evolution of industry specific technology has driven the development of data sources that address specific needs and complications introduced by that industry.  This evolution commonly results in an industrial communication protocol that is not easily adapted to one that can be more widely used by modern databases, analytical software and artificial intelligence engines.  This is the essential function of the FieldServer technology.

Imagine a meeting at the United Nations, where many languages need to be translated to many others.  A person speaking both languages is necessary to translate between the two.  This creates a need for an entire bank of people able to perform these translations.  Google Translate has reduced the dependence on human translators.  


Similarly, FieldServer can translate between industrial communication protocols.  Apex Process Intelligence provides the service of adapting the translation between our clients’ equipment and other systems.  This is often performed for the purpose of using data generated by an on-board PLC, either for historic collection, or to be interfaced with some other supervisory system.


Recently, FieldServer has made significant upgrades to the platform offered in their standard products.  These upgrades include an API engine, an Application Engine, and these with outsized processing capacity to boot!  API is very excited about the possibilities this will open up for the ability to build much more elegant architectures as we connect more pieces of equipment to data management systems.