• Iconics

Iconics software is a platform upon which data from different sources is able to be moved and be collected for visualization and analysis.  No matter the source, be it transactional or continuous, relational or time series, Iconics has the best platform upon which to move and manage the raw data within the various file formats and protocols.

Iconics functions at the application layer of the typical architecture.  While this is useful and provides the benefits initially intended by the developers at Iconics, there are value-added components that lye somewhat hidden in their offerings at first glance.

First among the hidden tools the API often deploys is the scripting and file-data extraction tools.  These allow for data in formats that are typically meant for human readability to be made available for management in databases.  Coupled with the capability to perform other, more standardized, ETL functions and adeptly handle OPC data, the Iconics suite provides the ability to compile various data sources into the same time series for visualization and analysis.  This typically saves researchers and technologists hours per day that would otherwise be spent collecting, compiling and arranging data in their tool of choice (usually MS Excel).

The Iconics suite also has on-board an engine pushing data directly to the Azure cloud platform, which then enables secure, big data analytics, machine learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence development.