• ProtoNode

Protonode is actually a FieldServer, however where the FieldServer can be loaded with any driver possible, the Protonode is shipped from the factory with a set of drivers that are prescribed for the application for which is was ordered.  In some cases the Protonode is also loaded with the configuration specific to that application.  (A particular HVAC unit, or lighting or fire protection system)  Nonetheless, the technology is the same, thus integration of the technology and data is also easily handled within the Apex set of competencies.   

By limiting the number of drivers on the gateway, the developers of the technology issue these units at a reduced cost.  This gives API the ability to selectively employ the ProtoNode, where possible, at lower cost than their FieldServer cousin. 

The cost of deploying a ProtoNode are reduced by two factors.  First, the list price of the unit is less than that of a custom-configured gateway.  Even more valuable than the reduced list price is the minimized cost of custom configuration.  Since the ProtoNode often comes with a pre-loaded profile, the time required to configure and deploy the units are greatly reduced.