• Device Data Management

Device Data Management

As discussed in Emerson AMS section, we have developed an extension for the Emerson AMS software that creates value for the AMS user in through two different mechanisms.

The extensions allows for documentation of the devices with the ability to pull in all data that is viewable in the AMS Device Faceplate.  For the purpose of auditing device configurations, this tool handles the job that was formerly an extremely labor intense endeavor.

The other value addition is the ability to query the database for data to be presented in tables and lists that were formerly unavailable to the user.  Imagine a commissioning or turn-around effort, where managers wish to capture all the serial numbers of a product model, or all the ranges of transmitters on a particular process unit.  Without the API extension, this effort required data collection on a one-by-one basis and mind-numbing data entry.  Our extension provides for this task to be undertaken with a single series of mouse-click selections.

Finally, device data history is made available in tabular form, again where it was formerly only available through labor intense data collection.  The basic use case for this function would be a user wishing to see what device parameter values were changed between each AMS device scan.  The data can be displayed in tables and sorted by date.  Parameters can be hidden/removed from the query in order to limit the data in view to only that of value.  This allows the user to quickly find the time (or at least the scans between the time) the change in the parameter value adjustment.