• Process Control Narrative

    & Functional Requirement Tools

Process Control Narrative & Functional Requirement Tools

In order to make communication between Process Engineers and Process Controls Engineers more explicit and less implicit, Apex Process Intelligence has developed a set of tools that allows for the development necessary documents that facilitate the development of the Process Controls System.  As the documentation is developed, additional tools available from API facilitate the creation of necessary system documentation.

The system design documentation begins with the Process Control Narrative, which is a statement of the purpose of each Unit Operation in the plant, the associated controls and the process logic.  API’s tools also allow for description of the unit operations physical properties, which makes the tool’s output useful for engineering, operations and managers reference in the future.


By explicitly stating the requirements of the Unit Operation and the Process Control System managing the Unit.  All assumptions, implications and lack of clarity should be removed, as the statements are made in plain English, which all engineering staff personnel can understand.