• Custom Data Integration

Custom  Data Integration

Collecting data from various sources, transforming to other formats or protocol and then making it all available for use, these are the basic functions of any integrated data system.  Each project brings along its own unique challenges, but Apex Process Intelligence can handle it all.

Many firms or devices specialize in one segment of the data value chain.  Apex Process Intelligence prides itself in being about to extract data, even when none is other wise available in some cases, and then up-valuing the data from source to consumption.

Beyond the reach of industrial protocol is the application where some data is generated by means more easily handled by humans.  This could be in the form of a flat file, a PDF report, as manual reading that is taken and must be keyed in.  The data usually needs to be custom integrated in order to make sense of it in context of other data being generated at the same time, or in relation to it.  

API has developed a solid, standardized approach that allows for cost-optimization of collecting and integrating the data.  We employ several different technologies, which allows for the integration to be performed with high integrity while balancing cost and engineering requirements in order to provide the client the best solution possible for the best cost possible.