• Custom Data Management

Custom Data Management

As data is generated, naturally it must be collected, organized, stored, and consumed for the data to be of value.  Since these steps do not necessarily need to happen in short succession, it is often necessary to store the data in the most efficient form.  Decisions regarding the format, the time in which the up-valuing service is applied, and how to make it best available for consumption are all impactful.  The cost-benefit analysis can be made and depending on the firms priorities, Apex Process Intelligence can then implement the best plan for the client.

In todays world, data can come in a multitude of different forms.  It could be relational, time series, it could be of binaries, integers, real numbers, and have alphabetic characters.  It could also have some complex type, like currency, time, date, or some combination of any of these.  These complexities are the result of unique data generation- in order to manage the data, the data collection and storage mechanisms are often a custom, or semi-custom solution, usually dependent upon the consumer’s use-case.

It is not uncommon for API to engage with a client that has complex needs for data management in order to develop that custom management solution that handles data from source to analysis based on the application.  Custom solutions could include any combination of sensors, servers, network and security devices, local or cloud data management hardware and application layer visualization and analytical tools.