• Custom Data Tool Development

Custom Software Utility & Tool Development  

Custom data tools are a core competency for Apex Process Intelligence.  Moreover, Apex believes in keeping costs down for things that can be done easily.  If the tool can be easily built, our team will give an honest assessment of the effort and not try to over-complicate it or turn it into more than it needs to be.

At the final step of data-upgrading, the data is made available for use by the consumer.  Often times the data is presented by another application in a form that is only partially useful.  Perhaps the developer originally developed the application as a product for a different market, or it was developed for use by users of a different type.  In this case, API has developed custom software tools to access the back-end data in order to make that data useful to the owner/end-user for their use case.  

These tools are not necessarily full-blown applications that stand on their own, so they are not available in the open market or off the shelf.  However, these are usually more complex than native functions in MS Excel or Access.  Thus, some customized tool can be developed that presents the data to the consumer with all the valuable information in a few mouse-clicks.  

Custom utilities may be as simple as connections to a database with different mechanisms to query the data, while others may be as complex as converting raw data to some form of a form or document.  Data visualization of data is also a common semi-custom tool that can be developed for clients.

API also has analytical tools in development, allowing users to not only visualize data, but also analyze data and unlock the power of static and dynamic pattern detection.