• Low-cost Virtualization

Secure, Cost Effective Virtualization and Network Architecture 


Apex Process Intelligence, by request of many of our clients, has developed a cost effective, yet secure mechanism for handling data from the plant floor, or building management level to the enterprise level.  Where this endeavor typically requires an overly expensive series of firewalls and servers, Apex Process Intelligence uses a novel approach to implementing the same architecture.  By using our proprietary data handling systems, superior security is achieved and at less cost, by avoiding the licenses that would otherwise be required. 


Cyber security is becoming and increasingly high profile topic within the industrial world.  The most critical threat being that a malicious actor accesses the industrial control system itself, where security is nearly non-existent due to the priorities of the control network.  While not a threat to health and safety, protection of operational data is of high importance as well, since the daily operation and annual regulatory requirements depend on that data.


In order to implement the best practice architecture, 3 layers of servers and 2 layers of firewalls are required.  The advantage of virtualization reduced the cost of hardware in this architecture, which was great until Microsoft adjusted their Windows licensing to capture a bit of the value.


Ever the pursuers of innovation to meet the challenge, Apex Process Intelligence took on the challenge of maintaining best-practice but avoiding the high cost of licensing so many servers.  API developed an architecture and middle layer that minimizes licensing costs, while maintaining the best-practice industrial cybersecurity requirements.