• Multi-Protocol Network Design

Multi-Protocol Network Design 


Due to the nature of many industrial data networks, protocols have been developed for particular applications.  With the value of data being recognized as the fuel for efficiency, getting the data into a usable form is often valuable, but challenging just the same.  Apex Process Intelligence is experienced in designing and integrating networks of multiple different protocol to deliver data to the desired destination. 


In any given industrial, R&D or commercial data network, there could be the necessity of interfacing the communication between many different systems on many different protocols.  Different protocols can have differences from the physical cables and connections all the way to the application layer’s service or consumption of the data.  One of Apex Process Intelligence’s expertise is designing and optimizing the data coming from all different protocols and exchanging them with the others, or marshalling them together for display, storage and analysis. 


Applications often include the more common industrial and commercial protocols, such Modbus, BacNet, EthernetIP and ProfiBus/Net, and the more common IT protocol, which is of course, TCP/IP.  From there we can easily use the data for whatever purpose provides value.  Usually this includes display of live data, trending recent historical data, long term storage and manipulation for the purpose of analysis and artificial intelligence.